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2014 Grizzly Club Breakfast

The 8th Annual Grizzly Club Breakfast was held on Wednesday, June 4, 2014 at Moby Dick Restaurant on Stearn's Wharf in Santa Barbara.


The Grizzly Club is not just about attending an annual breakfast or writing a renewal check each year; it is about community. It is a reflection of everything for which Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation stands.  Together we will continue to make a difference in the lives of families experiencing cancer.


Thank you to our Grizzly Club Sponsors:


Visionary Bear

Bobby Ryan & Family


Healer Bear

Keith Berry Real Estate




2014 Grizzlies

Bob Bartlein

Keith Berry

Scott Hadley


The Grizzly Club Breakfast was established in 2004. The members of the Grizzly Club welcome you to this complimentary breakfast and invite you to learn more about the organization and Grizzly Club Membership. Together we will continue to make a difference in the lives of families in the Tri-Counties experiencing cancer.


Previous Grizzly Club Members:

Earl Armstrong

Bob Bartlein

Pat Beach

James & Vanessa Bechtel

Keith Berry

Taylor Berry

Eric. H. Boehm

Ron Boehm

Ron Bower

Jim Buckley

W. Scott Burns

Darren Caesar

Gary Caeser

Tom Caeser

Derek Carlson

Joe Coito

Larry Crandell

Larry Crandell, Jr.

Steve Cushman

Clay Dickens

Linda & Ira Distenfield

Susan Early

David Edelman

Rob Egenolf

Steve Engles

Stan Fishman

Mike Flores

Joanne E. Funari

Evan Glick

Jessica & Randy Glick

Mark Gross

Al Harris

Leonard Himelsen


Wells Hughes

John Indrieri

Doris Kavanaugh

James J. Knight

Chris Kroes

George Leis

Henry Lenny

William Levy

Bill Macfadyen

Steve Mascagno

Daniel & Tone Meisel

Earl Minnis

Bibi Moezzi

Lori & Eric Moll

Robert Myers

Elizabeth O’Brien

Eloy Ortega

Tony Papa

Jess & Robyn Parker

Tom Parker

John Petote

Joe Plowman

Chris Proctor

Nancy Read

Frank Schipper

Chuck Slosser

Jorgen Staal

Sean Swords

Tim Taylor

Hal Thornton

Randy Weiss

Mitch Williams

Travis Wilson

Chip Wullbrandt

Master of Ceremonies, David Edelman

with Tina Frontado, TBCF Board Chair

(l-r): David Edelman, Tom Parker (Grizzly Club Founding Member), Nikki Katz (TBCF Founder), Earl Armstrong (Grizzly Club Founding Member), Eloy Ortega (Grizzly Club Founding Member) and Keith Berry (Grizzly Club Founding Member)

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