Heart of Gold Award

The Heart of Gold Award recognizes an individual, individuals, organization, or business that has gone above and beyond in giving of their time and talent for the benefit of Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation and the families we serve. Their interactions with our families, volunteers, and staff have been genuine and compassionate, demonstrating a huge heart for the cause.


Humanitarian Award

The Humanitarian Award recognizes an individual, individuals, organization, or business that has been dedicated to improving the human condition of Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation families by alleviating suffering while supporting and contributing to the welfare and well-being of those in need. They have proven themselves to be true advocates for youth with cancer and their families by going the extra mile in providing resources, guidance, and services that enrich the lives of the families we serve in our local community.


Pay It Forward Award

The Pay-It-Forward Award is in recognition of a Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation family or family member who has given back to the organization by paying-it-forward either during their child’s treatment or after they are out of treatment. This individual or family member, despite the hardships they are either currently facing or have faced in the past, have chosen to give back to Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation by providing support to other families, sharing their testimonials at fundraising events, hosting beneficiary events, or being advocates of the cause.


Helping Hands Award

The Helping Hands Award recognizes an individual, individuals, organization, or business that has been actively hands-on for the cause. They have shown outstanding volunteerism and have participated in the inner workings of Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation either by participating on a committee, volunteering at events, or assisting at our office with whatever is needed. They have shown great support to both our staff and families and have served as a strong asset to our organization.  


Little Hero Award

The Little Hero Award is given to a Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation recipient, who has shown great courage and dignity, not only enduring their own personal battle with cancer, but by becoming a role model for other children currently in our community. They set an example by paying-it-forward and sharing their experience, volunteering their time, and providing comfort to other children in treatment.

Mission Statement: Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation advocates for families living in Santa Barbara, Ventura, and San Luis Obispo counties that have a child with cancer by providing financial, educational, and emotional support.

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