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Tutoring & Neuropsychological Testing 

This program gives parents the necessary tools to support and advocate for their child’s academic career and provides a smooth transition back to school following treatment.


*Please work with each family when applying to receive funding for the below programs. Qualifying low-to-moderate income families per the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) state and county limitscan receive both tutoring & neuropsychological testing through our Education Advocacy Program.


Tutoring Anchor

Youth and young adults, diagnosed prior to their 18th birthday, in need of individualized academic support can apply to receive $500 to cover the cost of tutoring services (20 hours) by accredited teachers.



How Does the Tutoring Process Work?

Once a family submits a financial assistance application and is approved for tutoring, the family works to identify a credentialed teacher at their child’s school willing to tutor them. Once a tutor agrees to work with the child, the tutor completes an independent contractors’ agreement with TBCF, as well as a background check through our organization. The $500 in tutoring support will only be given to tutors who are contracted with TBCF and have gone through a background check.  


TBCF can also provide a list of credentialed tutors we work with in the Tri-Counties if a family needs help identifying a tutor.

Tutoring is done either at the child’s school, home or other agreed upon location between the tutor and the child’s family. Once a tutor completes the onboarding process through TBCF, a meeting is scheduled between the tutor and the family to determine goals that will be set during their tutoring together based on the child’s academic needs. Once the tutoring is completed, the tutor will send TBCF an invoice for $500 (20 hours of tutoring at $25 per hour) and we will cover the expense on the family’s behalf.


Neuropsych Anchor

To help qualifying families identify learning difficulties associated with cancer treatment, TBCF covers $1,500 for neuropsychological testing. Test results are used to better understand and effectively advocate for their child’s academic needs. 

How Does the Process Work?

TBCF  works with two bilingual neurologists located in Santa Barbara to conduct the test for the cost of $1,500, which TBCF covers on behalf of the family. If testing is selected by the family to be done outside of the doctors we currently use, we can pay $1,500 toward the expense (but it may not cover the total cost of the test, depending on the outside doctor's pricing).


Once approved for funding, TBCF will inform the social worker and family of the approval. Family will have the option of seeing an English-speaking doctor or a Spanish-speaking doctor.


Families Call to Schedule Their Appointment.

TBCF will call the neurologist informing them of the family's approval of funding for testing. We will additionally send the family the appropriate doctor’s contact information to schedule an appointment time that works well for them.


Once the Test is Completed.

The bill is sent to TBCF, and we cover the full expense. There is no expense to the family for this service (unless family selects to use an outside doctor). The test results are sent to the family from the doctor and are a great tool to advocate should their child need an IEP.


Tutoring & Neuropsychological Testing 

How to Apply Anchor

If a child needs tutoring within a year of original approval date for financial assistance:

You only need to submit an Educational Advocacy Program Request Form along with a social worker request letter.

If a child needs tutoring after a year of original approval date for financial assistance:

A full Financial Assistance application will need to be completed and submit along with a social worker request letter and application supplemental documents

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