This program gives parents the necessary tools to support and advocate for their child’s academic career and provides a smooth transition back to school following treatment.  

Youth and young adults in need of individualized academic support can apply to receive 
up to 24hrs of virtual or in-person tutoring services in partnership with Grade Potential
Tutoring Agency. This program is recommended for those in maintenance or remission.
Qualifying families can now receive tutoring support for siblings as well!

To help families address learning difficulties associated with cancer treatment,
TBCF covers up to $1,500 for neuropsychological testing. Test results
are used to better understand and effectively advocate
for their child’s academic needs.

"It was more than just assistance with the academic transition; it was a time to listen, guide and validate the multitude of feelings that surrounded her as she was trying to live life as a child again. If she didn't receive the extra help, she would have

had a much harder time. She is now in remission and receiving A's and B's

in her 8th grade classes in middle school!”

 - Tyra, TBCF Tutor

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