There are organizations all over the country that

can provide information and support during

your cancer journey and beyond.


Start here to find resources in your area.


Financial Assistance

There are organizations and companies that help people with cancer and their families. There are also co-payment organizations and patient assistance programs that help individuals who cannot afford the cost of medications.


Multi Services Programs

There are many organizations who provide multiple supportive services for families who have a child battling cancer. Multi-services include family events, clothing support, food support, and

other necessities. 


Cancer Camps

Summer camps, week-long retreats, or weekend gatherings can be a wonderful way for children, adults, and families to come together to experience new adventures, find support, and learn something new about themselves.


Emotional Support

 Cancer can make you feel lonely, scared or distressed. Counseling, support groups, patient-to-patient networks and other kinds of support are available to help you cope with such emotions.


Basic Necessities

Organizations exist to support the basic necessities during a pediatric cancer diagnoses such as food, childcare, household items, wigs, technology donations and other supportive efforts to decrease the stress of your cancer journey.


Young Adult Support

For young adults battling cancer, organizations exist to provide various support during your cancer journey. 


Educational Support

To provide scholarship assistance to cancer survivors who plan to continue their education journey. 


Travel & Lodging Support


There are many organizations who offer free air transportation to medical appointments as well as lodging assistance for families affected by pediatric cancer.


COVID-19 Resources

The intention of this section is to offer a variety of resources specific to supporting families who have a child battling cancer during the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. We will do our best to categorize and add as many resources as we can over the coming weeks. 

Know of an additional resource we should add to our Resource List? Let us know about it!