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Pediatric cancer is tragic and unfair.  As long as there is cancer, Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation will continue to be there for families in need. 

Parents of patients report that non-medical, out of pocket expenditures are the most troublesome because, unlike medical bills, non-medical costs must be paid immediately and are rarely reimbursed.


Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation was inspired by a three year old boy with Ewing Sarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer and brain tumor diagnoses. One day, his mother broke down in tears as she shared the hardships she and her family had faced while caring for her sick child. She spoke of unplanned and oftentimes extended hospital stays, as well as expensive medications, which sometimes exceeded $1,000 after insurance. She also shared the dilemma of needing to give up her income in order to care for her sick son and be able to accompany him during hospital stays.


Mostly, she faced the fear of not knowing whether her son would relapse again or even survive. She shared that her family was seemingly drowning without the knowledge of available support to help them during this difficult time.


After this conversation, I realized the great need for a support system for families with children suffering from cancer on the Central Coast. In 2002, with the determination to assist families through their battle with cancer, Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation was born.


Nikki Katz, Founder

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