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Our Financial Stability Program is offered to qualifying low-to-moderate income families per the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) state and county limits.


For families who have never applied for TBCF’s financial assistance

Please refer families who have never applied for financial support with TBCF to our Direct Financial Assistance Fund (DFA) to receive financial assistance up to $5,000. If a family has a child who relapsed but has still never received funding from us, please refer them to our DFA funding for the opportunity of receiving the most possible support.



For families who have received one round of TBCF financial assistance and relapses

Please refer them to our Relapse Fund for $2,500 of financial support.



For families who lose a child

Please refer them to our Funeral Fund for $2,500 of financial support.


In some cases, families can receive up to $10,000 total if they qualify for all three programs.


Guidelines for Applying for

Financial Assistance

Guielines for Applying Anchor


  • Families must reside in Santa Barbara, Ventura or San Luis Obispo Counties

  • Child must have been diagnosed with cancer prior to their 18th birthday

  • Families must be projected low-to-moderate income per the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) state and county limits.


If a family is slightly above income limit level at the time of diagnosis and application process, we look to the social worker to indicate if they will now be within the low-to-moderate income level during their first year of treatment due to their new circumstances. Application consideration and approval is based on projected income, however, please indicate in social worker letter reasons as to why you project they qualify for our Financial Stability Program.

If you select “Special Circumstances” on the Program Request Form in the application, we ask that you either indicate what their special circumstance is either on that page, or within their social worker recommendation letter.

Required Documents to Submit

with Application

Required Documents Anchor

If Family Receives Medi-Cal:


If Family Has Private Insurance:

What Happens Once a Family is Approved?

Once Approved Anchor

Once a family is approved for funding, TBCF will email you to inform you of the amount they were approved for, their payment schedule and the date their funding year expires with us.


  • TBCF's Family Resource Specialist contacts the family to welcome them to our services and does an overview of our programs with them either in person or over the phone

  • We mail each family a Family Welcome Packet indicating their payment plan as well as a list of our other programs and FAQs about our financial assistance program

  • Their total approved amount will then be split into three separate payments

  • Each payment will be mailed to the family’s home address every other month (A total of 3 payments mailed over the course of 6 months)

  • With each check, we also mail a Funding Report to the family that we request is sent back to us prior to receiving their next payment

What Happens if a Family Isn't Initially Approved for the Full $5,000?


If a family didn’t immediately qualify for the full $5,000 but ends up needing additional funding for any of the unchecked areas in their Program Request Form (for example: Hotel Accommodations or Special Circumstances), please complete a Program Request Form if you’d like to request additional funding for their family. Families must still be within a year of their approval date to be approved for additional funding.

Unsure of Initial Approval Date?


No problem - Contact Becca or Gisselle at anytime to find out! We'd be happy to look it up for you.

What Happens if a Family is Declined?

If Declined Anchor

If a family is declined, TBCF will let you know reason of declination. Family is still eligible to  receive all of our emotional support programs

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